Executive and Standard Table MX3-EST


Introducing the MX3 Executive and Standard Table. A flexible and modern workstation solution created to improve productivity and organization. MX3 elevates your workstation by perfectly Executive and Standard Table. You may pair with Single Medium Cabinet with any sizes of Executive & Standard Table. 

Dimension :
MX3-1260 – L1200 x W600 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1460 – L1400 x W600 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1560 – L1500 x W600 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1660 – L1600 x W600 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1860 – L1800 x W600 x H750 (mm)

MX3-1270 – L1200 x W700 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1470 – L1400 x W700 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1570 – L1500 x W700 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1670 – L1600 x W700 x H750 (mm)
MX3-1870 – L1800 x W700 x H750 (mm)

MX3-1880E – L1800 x W800 x H750 (mm)